Found Dog, Alert #61719 Indianapolis, East side, found near Nowland Ave

Location Information:

Nowland Ave, Brookside, Indianapolis, East side, Marion County

Contact Information:

Phone: (317) 551-2603

Found Pet Information:

Date Pet Was Found: 09/16/2023
Type of Pet: Dog
Size of Pet: X-Small (10 lbs & under)
Color of Pet: Brindle
Approximate Time Pet Was Found: 12:30 pm
Gender: Male

Older male small dog. Has cataracts but can see in front of him fairly well. Coat is light to dark brown and black, thinned with white chin. Had a gray harness and leash on when found. Has been seen around the neighborhood for the last few weeks. He’s good with other dogs and cats. He goes to the bathroom outside with no issue. He has fleas which we did give him a bath but we have other pets that cannot contact them. He has been fed and watered and is in a safe place for tonight. We cannot keep him after that.

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