Below is a list of low-cost microchip options in and around Indianapolis. Please get your pet chipped as soon as possible – even if your pet doesn’t leave your lawn.  There is always the chance of some event that could lead to your pet escaping.  This includes pet theft which is sadly becoming quite frequent.  Having your pet microchipped is your best chance to prove ownership.  Microchipping takes less than a minute and your pet only feels a slight pinch.

Indianapolis Animal Care Services (IACS)

2600 South Harding Street
Indianapolis, IN 46221
Microchips are $10!

Animal Welfare Center

456 N. Holmes Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46222
317.602.3423 x333


7929 N. Michigan Rd.
Indianapolis, IN 46268
317.872.5650 x333

Microchips are $10 or $20 (depending on the microchip you choose)!

FACE Low Cost Animal Clinic

1505 Massachusetts Ave.
Indianapolis, IN  46201

Microchips are $22!

Low Cost Spay Neuter Clinic

409 N Green St, Brownsburg, IN 46112

1721 Pleasant St # A, Noblesville, IN

$25 for Home Again Microchip!

West Michigan Street Vet


3811 W. Michigan St.
Indianapolis, IN 46222

Microchips are $20!

Microchipping Facts and Information

  • A microchip is about the size of a grain of rice and is implanted under the skin between a pet’s shoulder blades.
  • Collars/ID tags can be taken off. A microchip is permanent and lasts the lifetime of a pet.
  • Microchipping your pet does not hurt it any more than its annual vaccinations. It is a quick pinch and it is over. Some pets react, others don’t even flinch.
  • Microchips are not GPS devices. They do not track the location of your pet, but rather maintain a unique ID number that shows up when scanned. The number is then called into a microchip company and they are able to tell them who the chip is registered to. It is VERY important to keep your information up to date.
  • There is NO ANNUAL FEE or extra cost unless you choose to elect the extra coverage (insurance, etc.) that some of the microchip companies offer. But your information is secure on the microchip. It will be there whether you pay the annual fee or not.
  • There are a couple of completely free microchip registration and update services.  They work with all microchip manufacturers and the AAHA lookup service.  FoundAnimals and Free Pet Chip Registry
  • Scanning a pet for microchip is a free service provided by shelters and veterinarians. You do not need to schedule an appointment as it only takes them a minute to scan a pet. Make sure that they cover the entire pet – from head to tail as some microchip brands may migrate to other areas of the body (leg, neck, etc).
  • At your annual vet visit, it is always a good idea to ask your veterinarian to scan your pet – just to make sure your pet’s chip is still detectable.
  • It is very, very important to update your pet’s information if you should move, change your phone number, etc. To do this, just contact the company that your pet’s microchip is registered with – typically Home Again, AVID, 24HourPetWatch or AKC. If you are unsure of your pet’s number, please take it to a vet or shelter to have it scanned. They will be able to tell you.

Where can I register my pet’s microchip at no cost? Initial registration, updates, and transfers are FREE and the services are AAHA participants?

Found Animals – https://www.foundanimals.org/microchip-registry/owners

Free Pet Chip Registry – https://www.freepetchipregistry.com

*If you are unsure of the company for your pet’s microchip,please go to https://www.petmicrochiplookup.org

You will need your pet’s microchip number.

What are the most common microchip brands and how can I contact them?

24PetWatch – 1-866-597-2424 – www.24petwatch.com

AKC – 1-800-252-7894 – www.akccar.com

AVID – 1-800-336-2843 – www.avidid.com

Banfield – 1-877-567-8738 – www.banfield.net

Bayer resQ – 1-877-738-5456 www.petlink.net

Home Again – 1-888-466-3242 – www.homeagain.com