Found Cat, Alert #70182 Avon, Indiana, found near White oak drive & N Avon Avenue

Location Information:

White oak drive & N Avon Avenue, , Avon, Indiana, Hendricks County

Contact Information:

Phone: (914) 494-5440

Found Pet Information:

Date Pet Was Found: 12/01/2022
Type of Pet: Cat
Size of Pet: Medium (6-8 lbs)
Color of Pet: Black
Approximate Time Pet Was Found: 05:00 pm
Gender: Unknown

This cat has been showing up at our house every single night since 2022. It’s a beautiful Mancoon cat and we feed him every night. He/she does not come in the morning or during the day… only at night. We have posted pictures on multiple websites but I just found this website today and wanted to post here as well since nobody has claimed him/her. We bought a heated house for it during the winter since it won’t let us bring it inside. It’s very shy and is not wearing a collar.
If this is your cat please provide proof of ownership, I have many pictures to be able to compare to yours.

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