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DOGs SIGHTING ALERT! TWO DOGS in NW Indianapolis! Guion Rd & 41st St., near Industrial Blvd off railroad tracks!

Location Information:
NW Indianapolis  – Guion Rd & 41st street, near Industrial Blvd off of railroad tracks, Marion County
Contact Information:
(317) 702-8843
Pet Sighting Information:
02/02/2018   1:30 pm
2 dogs, unsure if they were together as I only saw one at first and it ran to where the other dog was hiding. Both are small dogs, approx. 15 lbs each.  One was white with tan spots on it’s tail, half it’s face and one ear. Tried to lure it with food but kept barking and running away. The other was completely beige.  Neither one appeared to have collar or tags.